My magical subsystem for linux


Last year Microsoft published a new function in Windows 10th Anniversary Summer Anniversary Edition, that is Subsystem for Linux which has an alias name Bash on Windows.

After updating to the edition, I am always attracted by the embedded Linux. It is almost a marvelous tool because I don't need to open the virtual machine like Kali Linux in my vmware. And during this year I have honed the tool into an integrated penetration platform.

After considering twice I decided to publish my guide of constructing the platform in the subsystem of Windows 10 and make more people discover the magic in it.

Initialize Bash

The core of the bash is actually Ubuntu. So, we use the old resorts to initialize a normal account like we do that in Ubuntu. sudo passwd root.

Alter the update resource and I recommend the 163 ubuntu releases site.

And then we need to apt-get update, etc.

Hone the Weapon Tools

#The basic install guide is sudo apt-get install {name}


  • pip sudo apt-get install python-pip
  • git
  • ipython




Code Review


  • volatity
  • foremost



  • cmatrix
  • : )


  • nmap

#What deserves to be mentioned is that use command apt-get cannot install a practical nmap tool. It always comes up so much exceptions. So I recommend you to choose nmap run under windows.

Make it magic!

Actually I will not use all of these above frequently so that I will then forget the lengthy file name. And I use alias command to solve this problem.

cd ~

vim .bashrc